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Who We Are

The M-Fly Student Design team is a multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to design, build, and fly aircraft. Our team consists of members from many different majors and backgrounds from the College of Engineering. As a team, our vision is to promote aircraft design and education, and we focus on helping our team members and students grow not only as engineers but also as citizens.

What We Do

Every year, we build two planes to compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aero Design Competition. Our SAE planes focus on high-lift and payload delivery applications. These planes incorporate various materials and technologies, including composites and autonomous delivery gliders. We also build a third plane to compete in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (AUVSI-SUAS) Competition, with a goal of building an unmanned aerial system that is capable of autonomous flight and navigation, remote sensing, and the execution of specific flight systems and computer vision tasks.

Regular Class

The Regular Class program is the oldest program we have at M-Fly. For the past 13 years, the program has competed in the SAE Aero Design competition, where it specifically partakes in the high lift portion of the competition. The Regular Class planes are remote-controlled, manufactured from a restrictive pool of materials, and must simulate a bush plane. We are excited to compete with our M-13 design for this upcoming season.

Regular Class
Advanced Class

Advanced Class

The Advanced Class program is currently in its 6th year, and it also partakes in the SAE Aero Design competition. The program participates in a systems-focused competition in which the aircraft is meant to mimic a humanitarian vehicle capable of completing a colonist supply mission. The Advanced Class aircraft is also expected to house small-scale deployable autonomous gliders which represent the delivery aircraft. We are looking forward to kicking the season off with our new MX-6 design.


The Autonomous program is currently in its 4th year and participates in the AUVSI-SUAS competition. This aircraft must autonomously complete a mission of flight systems and computer vision challenges, including navigation, obstacle avoidance, object detection and classification, and a payload drop. The Autonomous program is open to all undergraduate majors and features challenging electrical engineering and computer science problems.