About Our Team

Purpose, Mission, and Vision

M-Fly’s mission is to provide a multi-disciplinary learning experience for students while establishing a tradition of competitiveness and success in the SAE Aero Design competition and AUVSI-SUAS competitions. Our mission is to provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for U of M students outside the classroom through thorough engineering practices, teamwork, and professional development opportunities. We seek to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for U of M students to develop their technical, professional, interpersonal, and teamwork skills through engagement with complex engineering design challenges.

Team Structure

Our team is structured into four branches. In each of these branches, we have several subteams that focus on various aspects of aircraft design and manufacturing. Our four branches are: Administration, the MX Program, the M Program, and the MAT Program. More info about each of the plane programs will be available soon!


  • Manages team budget, secures sponsorships, and hosts community outreach events
  • Works with all leads to ensure that logistics are planned for ideal team operation

MX Program

  • Designs and builds plane to compete in the SAE Advanced Class Competitions, which includes a variety of payload delivery applications
  • Constructs aircraft using composite and wood materials and integrates avionics and drop-prediction systems

M Program

  • Designs and builds planes to compete in the SAE Regular Class Competition, which focuses on high-lift low-velocity flight
  • Constructs aircraft using balsa and bass wood and powers aircraft with electric motors

MAT Program

  • Designs and builds an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) capable of autonomous flight and navigation, to compete in the AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition
  • Constructs full airframe from composite materials
  • Designs hardware systems and software in-house to meet requirements of competition